Finally, a system for your IP to always travel with your ID. We have created the ippassport, a mobile and web app for your intellectual property and creative history to be permanently connected to your personal identity.

Any information that you register in the platform belongs to you, is encrypted at your end, and nobody (not even CITIZENZ), can see it, use it or trade it without your authorization and active participation.

In the new age of blockchain, our seal of copyright and IP certification system creates a solid proof for owners and creators of real and/or digital assets.

In partnership with international IP law firms, CITIZENZ created the ultimate platform for immutable digital records of innovation processes.

Open your Creative Profile

Start by registering your unique identity. It is a blockchain universal and immutable profile that will always identify you as an individual creator or organization.

1 your information

Using our secure interface, fill the digital form with your name, and your personal or business contact information.


2 your image

Upload an image to publicly identify yourself.

  • Passport format picture for individuals, or a logo for corporations.
  • You may use your phone or computer camera.

3 your official ID

Scan and upload a current government-issued photo ID (Like your own passport identity page, your driver’s license, state ID, cédula or any other valid official ID.)

4 you

Depending on your device strongest capability, secure your own profile using a biometric measure (face recognition or  fingerprint)

Open your Portfolio

Empowered by a blockchain id, now you can register your IP portfolio and link your assets to your Creative Profile.


5 describe your asset

Using ippassport secure interface, fill the digital form with the name or a title of your asset and describe the original features of the creative work you are trying to protect. It could be anything from a piece of art, a story, a script, a software code, an invention, a scientific discovery, design, architectural plan, musical composition, animation, picture, brand, company name or even a special document or contract.



6 upload your documentation

Upload any document related to your creation: pictures, scans of original documents, blueprints, storyboards, licencing contracts, NDAs, links to media, etc.

7 certify your IP

At the end of the process, you´ll get a blockchain certificate with an indisputable, timestamp of your creation. When needed, you could make your certificate accessible through ippassport to any other party, client, agent, court authority or the general public.

Enforce and monetize your IP

Issue smart contracts, license your work, and automatically include an invoice with your certificate to any client or unauthorized user. Optionally, you could also print your ippassport certification with all the information you need to enforce your rights and monetize your IP.


Want to know more?Get your ippassport

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