ID for living beings


Why Blockchains and Identity Go Together

One area of online life most ripe for disruption is identity: How does anyone really know you are who you say you are?

Nowadays, credit agencies and social networks like Facebook act as the main gatekeepers for identity. We have designed a new solution to this age-old Internet conundrum by using blockchain technology.

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Main Features


Although only an Estate authority or government institution can grant nationality, identity could be rich with information that belongs to the individual, and blockchain prevents anyone to hold access to it. The data is distributed across many computers, preventing corruption and securing privacy.

Cost efficient

Save money by allowing a unic identification media on a smart phone or even a piece of paper with a QR code

Beyond question

Four-factor authentication: your unique identifier or document, your password, your fingerprint and your picture give complete assurance that you are who you say you are.

More than one id

Our proprietary app™ facilitates the inclusion of services customized to the needs of any private organization or government, building an ecosystem for the secure exchange of information and assets.

The internet of Life

Try here the pre-release version of ID.Legal™ and help us create a new world where you are in direct control of your personal information; a world where you can limit and control how much information you share while empowering your ability to transact in the world. Its aplications go from animals and plants to humans, we are the internet of life.

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