21st Century Democracy


In colaboration with the Organization of American States, a new Venezuelan Virtual Parliament program is now in its first stage of development. We are working in coordination with members of the National Assembly. Parliamentarians will get a unique digital ID based in Ethereum blockchain which will open the doors to a complete suite of government functions and a Virtual Hemicycle that will allow democratically elected representatives to meet and vote in a secure online environment. Check the news here (in Spanish). At the same time we are using VIDA™ to pilot a new official Venezuelan Identification System.


Blockchain technology warrants that once your vote has been recorded, nobody will be able to tamper with it. Your ballot can’t be changed or destroyed.


Everybody shares the same information. Voters can always verify their votes have been cast and counted as intended, while other voters, auditors and verification institutions, candidates and incumbents can testify the integrity of the process.


Cryptographic identity ensures that only individuals with the right to vote can do it while protecting his or her private information. After you vote, your anonymity is maintained all along the counting process and only you will be able to know your choice.

Consensus and speed

A sophisticated videoconferences system allows shareholders, parliament or assembly members to talk to one another in a secure environment.


Democracy has become very expensive. CITIZENZ Tech wants to change that by saving money and time to governments, organizations, and citizens.

Mobile technologies allow for the distribution of power, but also of ownership and responsibility among citizens, their data would always be decentralized, and the system continually remains secure and up to date. 

The CITIZENZ process

  1. We initiate a conversation. First, our governance consulting team assesses the needs of the client institution. From there we propose a customized solution helping the leadership to gather the needed support for implementation.
  2. We customize the CITIZENZ e-Vote & Polls engine facilitating adoption and testing clients response to the technology.
  3. We adjust where needed and execute a process to establish both a public opinion consultation tool and a virtual parliament system which will always be ready to be used anytime the institution needs them.

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