• Disengaged citizens, employees, and stakeholders plus general lack of trust, are plagues of today that we are called to address.
  • We see the future of business, government and civil society changing dramatically thanks to the introduction of a new foundational technology. 
  • Blockchain will be the operative system for governance and social exchange in a world of increased trust and prosperity…


  • To set the stage for cutting edge governance. 
  • To use blockchain as a mechanism to promote inclusion, democratic participation, and transparency in governments and organizations.
  • Streamline society’s decision-making process while reducing institutional costs.


  • We believe in the democratic process, freedom and strong institutions
  • Technology is not bad or good but instrumental to reduce business and social friction and to boost social trust. 
  • The costs  of government, of communications and of making business could be drastically reduced to become more effective and inclusive


  • Citizenz is a non for profit organization that develops technology applications based in blockchain and AI to leverage business models of organizations, and governments. 
  • We help identify opportunities to reduce friction by the strategic use of digital identity.

Our Services

Project Development

From ideation to strategy and execution. We develop projects where our proprietary identification and voting blockchain modules intersect in a simple wallet experience, customized to address a particular problem or create new opportunities. 

Innovation Lab

We develop a dynamic method for training while creating a solution for our client organizations. After introducing the basics of blockchain we create a process for experimentation and promote innovation. 

Governance and trust

Technology could be applied to fix complex political and organizational problems. We identify opportunities where technology could help reduce friction and establish trust, helping businesses to grow and organizations and communities be more effective in their governance.

A platform for development

Our consultancy team helps governments and organizations identify and develop blockchain projects and applications.

We provide a framework to improve governance, be more democratic and boost prosperity.

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