Imagine a system that allows you to identify your organization or yourself as a legitimate media outlet, journalist, writer, producer or communicator in a secure, efficient, indisputable, affordable and globally recognizable way. That is PRESSPORT.

PRESSPORT app is designed to become an effective digital, interactive and mobile identification for professional individuals and media organizations but also as a system to track the use of intellectual property, academic or training records, awards and working status.

The so-called “fake news” crisis and data breaches revealed after the 2016 elections in the US, make the case for a secure identification and validation system more urgent.

Media professionals will always need means of identification that can be universally accepted (whether in person or online) and could rapidly adapt to changes in individual circumstances and shifts in working and political environments.

Our goal is that PRESSPORT becomes a voluntary indicator of quality.

In the future, it will be read as a seal certifying its users’ honest intent to honor truth and intellectual property.

To achieve that we are seeking to establish partnerships with media businesses and journalists organizations and promote the advantages of adopting blockchain technologies with a “glocal” approach.

Now is the time


We are building a dedicated blockchain for journalism and communication organizations. This technology brings the opportunity to develop a universal platform capable to provide consensus about the identification of communication professionals and the content they produce.

Blockchain is a shared immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. Wach this introductory video to get an idea of the possibilities for blockchain to change how we interact with each other.


For media professionals

  • Help overcome the “fake news” environment by offering a trustworthy online signature without the need for a central authority to “certify” your work
  • Control flow of your ID and data. Your job may change, but your professional identification remains unchangeable.
  • Easily track the use of your intellectual work and production by your clients and or employers.
  • Manage your credentials, achievements, academic and work history through a simple digital wallet experience.
  • Gain access to a mechanism to receive timely and just compensation for your work.
  • Obtain the ability to communicate through a cyber secure, confidential channel with your colleagues and trusted sources

For media enterprises and membership organizations

  • Standardize issuing of digital identity and credentials
  • Customize registry schemas with quick responsiveness
  • Quickly issue, update and revoke IDs
  • Improve communication with employees, members and or subscribers
  • Better track of contributions
  • Gain access to a decentralized mechanism to receive timely payment for your products.
  • Crowdfunding tool for important projects

For audiences, authorities, and sources

  • Engage in relationships with more trust supported by a secure, certified mobile application
  • Simplify and reduce time to organize and give access to media events
  • Ensure compliance with institutional regulations and standards without friction
  • Navigate the “fake news” environment, easily differentiating trustworthy information channels and sources from risky ones.

Become a partner and help to found our global alliance

The Alliance is intended as a nonprofit “coalition of the willing,” with membership open to all the news media organized community. Media enterprise associations, journalists guilds, media unions, and freedom of the press organizations certify membership validity while PRESSPORT creates their records on the blockchain.

PRESSPORT can only be successful if the organization is fully funded and if all partners contribute what they can to the effort. It is not intended to work with cryptocurrency. To power the blockchain, membership will be based on subscriptions, with a freemium model: with a basic free membership and a multi-feature premium subscription.

Click here to join the PRESSPORT initiative or scan the QR code

As creator and promoter of the project, CITIZENZ will support the technology.  While the PRESSPORT founders and alliance partners will be responsible for guaranteeing its adoption and sustainability.

Joint the PRESSPORT Initiative

Now is the time to build the first collaborative consortium of journalists, content producers, and media organizations for the purpose of establishing a global infrastructure for media trust.

We can leverage blockchain technology as a tool to empower legitimate and trustworthy content in order to fight back against “fake news” and regain control of our work and professional identities in a shifting media environment. True change can be achieved collectively, that is PRESSPORT.

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