Blockchain for refugees

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Research and Action

In collaboration with the prestigious Executive MBA program at Georgetown University, we are working on a blockchain application for a social action project. GU students are conducting research with the global charity Save the Children to create a viable business model for humanitarian aid using cutting edge technology.


Humanitarian tool

Save the Children does whatever it takes to ensure refugee children grow up healthy, educated and safe.

They work nonstop supporting refugee girls and boys, helping them survive, and thrive. Whether in camps, on the move or in host communities, STC caring staff helps refugee children from Syria, South Sudan, Burundi and other countries marred by violence and persecution. How can blockchain technologies help make their work easier?



Building blocks

As part of its Building Blocks pilot, WFP is trialing blockchain and biometric applications as a means of making cash transfers more efficient, transparent and secure. But more advanced blockchain applications can be used for much more than allocating aid in a secure and transparent way, and we are leading the development of a pilot program for that purpose. Find out more about building blocks here.

 “The flood of people fleeing Venezuela’s crisis has become one of the world’s great mass migrations, surpassing the flow of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe.” BloombergBusinessweek



Survey firm Consultores 21 estimates that more than

4 million

people have emigrated from Venezuela in the last 20 years. More than double or a third of the Venezuelan population is considering to leave the country in the next three years.



Indeed we don’t have a precise figure on how many have moved abroad since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998. But the number is increasing by the day.

And that percentage increases among young Venezuelans.  


Migration could be a loss, but it could also be an opportunity.

The day after

El día después

The Venezuelan diaspora experience could inspire other national diasporas and even become a practical model for a future democratic transition in Venezuela.

Moisés Rendón from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) wrote a report exploring some ideas on How the Blockchain Can Help Venezuela’s Future Recovery

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