Horses and human have lived together for millennia. They are our companions on leisure, sports, and work. And they are considered a valuable, precious resource for their masters. Imagine a system that allows registering the identity and property of your horse in a secure, efficient, indisputable, affordable and globally recognizable way. That is EQUINEX.

Our app is designed as an effective mean of identification for individual horses and owners but also as a system to track pedigree, training, sports records, and health history and for a seamless transfer of property.

According to a 2017 study by the American Horse Council, the horse industry contributes approximately $50 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy and has a direct employment impact of 988,394 jobs.

Additionally, the industry itself contributes $38 billion in direct wages, salaries, and benefits. These numbers have a ripple effect contribution of $122 billion to the U.S. economy and a total employment impact of 1.7 million jobs.

The American Horse Council has 129 member organizations that reach to over 900,000 people. The US has over 7.2 million horses and 2 million owners.

The EQUINEX project is seeking partnerships with American Horse Industry organizations to promote the advantages of adopting blockchain technologies to their business.

Although its launching is focused in the US, we are aware, that Europe is a bigger market for the horse industry. The app will be available worldwide and could be used in any country.

Our Services

For owners

  • Control flow of your horse and ownership data
  • Easily track your horse movements with a PIC (Property Identification Code) in compliance with Bio-security Act 2014
  • Manage horse ID and credentials through a simple digital wallet experience
  • Access to a crowdfunding and payments system without intermediaries.
  • Registry alternative for thoroughbred and mixed-race horses

For breed registries and membership organizations

  • Standardize issuing of digital identity and credentials
  • Customize registry schemas with quick responsiveness
  • Quickly issue, update and revoke
  • Improved communication with members
  • Better track of contributions

For buyers and verifiers

  • Engage in relationships with more trust supported by a secure and certified mobile application
  • Simplify and reduce time to receive and organize ownership documents and horse records
  • Ensure compliance with regulations without friction
  • Access to a crowdfunding and payments system without a bank or intermediaries.

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